Lazy, Lazy

As evidenced by my near-complete lack of posting this weekend, I basically didn’t do anything the whole weekend. I even missed my near-and-dear book club meeting on Saturday due to some bizarre events I won’t bore you all with. I slept in until ten on both days, which is a bit excessive, even for me. I’m usually up by 8:30 on the weekends. I read a little. I made pasta bolognese for dinner on Saturday. I talked about baking, and then didn’t bother to do any. I sewed my sewing machine cover. Caught the Hawks game on tv. Layed around. Totally nothing exciting to report.

So I guess I did get something of worth done in the sewing machine cover. But the lack of exciting foodcrafting (or even routine cooking) this weekend is kind of bothering me in hindsight. Buttered bagels are not an acceptable weekend brunch spread. So what’s the deal? Well… I guess I kind of find myself in a bit of a food rut. There. I said it. I just keep feeling like I’m making the same old things, on the same old schedule. Probably I feel like this every January. The sparkle and shine of the holidays are well behind us. Sometimes I feel like there are only so many pasta dishes and winter casseroles I can deal with.

And don’t get me started on the baked goods. I’m bored with crumb coffee cake and even my Super Pumpkin Pumpkin bread. Love them both, but enough already. I’m bored. And I’m over cookies for a little bit. December always leaves me super burnt out on cookies. I made the husband some chocolate chip cookies last week and those will probably be it for awhile.

Portable breakfast foods are really on mind lately. Maybe I can get out of my food rut by starting with one “area” and getting creative. I’ve been nuts about apple juice and fresh apples with peanut butter lately, but I still need a carb element to my breakfasts. I love the carbs. I think the answer is mini muffins… maybe this week I’ll start to experiment with mini muffins and things I can do in a mini muffin tin – like bacon cups with chive quiche! Okay, maybe there’s hope. Maybe I can rouse myself from the food rut after all. Stay tuned, dear readers. Hopefully I’ll find the winter boredom cure.


2 thoughts on “Lazy, Lazy

  1. If you are bored with the same old stuff and think that you might like to try to break the rut with mini muffins (or even regular muffins), try making them with one part cooked quinoa! Yes, quinoa. It is VERY high in protein (I think it was 6 gms per quarter cup), it has a very mellow flavor, it cooks quickly. I tell myself it’s like cooking polenta, then I add cornmeal and some savory bits like shredded cheese, minced onion and cubed smoked turkey, perhaps a bit of dried herb, like dill or basil and you have got yourself a lovely savory muffin, perfect for brunch or even make them jumbo with a salad for an easy lunch!

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