MOSS Project – January 16 Sewing Machine Cover

You thought I forgot, didn’t you? Not a chance! My sewing machine is set up in front of a window and is a complete dust magnet. It’s a pain to have to clean it off every time I want to sew something, so I’ve been wanting to make some kind of a cover for it to keep it dust free.

I made a very simple box cover using two 23×15 pieces of fabric. You’ll see I decided to coordinate the cover with my ironing board. I simply sewed around the sides and top of the fabric (wrong sides together of course) and then fitted it over my machine to shape the corners. Shaping the corners was easy – I just pinched the top sides into triangles and slipped a pin in to mark the fit. Then I sewed across the triangles and cut the excess fabric. I finished the cover by doing a simple single fold hem along the bottom. I flipped it inside out, and onto the machine it went. It took me 15-20 minutes, start to finish. I love the quick instant-gratification projects!

The great thing about a simple cover like this is the fact that it can be tailored to cover just about anything, by changing the measurements of the fabric – toasters, computer peripherals, coffee makers, filing cabinets – whatever you need to cover up.

(Oh, and I know the calender on my sewing desk is a date ahead. Guess I got a little overzealous flipping through those little cubes.)


2 thoughts on “MOSS Project – January 16 Sewing Machine Cover

  1. Way to keep up with your projects. I did ZERO sewing this week. I did cut out fabric, but that was at work and you were witness to that… sigh. motivation? denied.

    Your cover looks good btw.

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