Sunday Funnies

Not funny ha-ha, but funny peculiar. As it so happens, I missed this week’s MOSS Project. Insert shame here. I was actually out of town this weekend for a family wedding (which was beautiful and nice) and then when we returned home this afternoon, I realized that I hadn’t gotten around to the fabric store earlier in the week to buy the double-fold bias tape that I needed for this week’s project – the potholders. I’m not going to beat myself up about it – sometimes life happens. I’ll be back next week with the sewing kit roll.

In other news, I’m slowly coming out of my cooking rut. I had a taste for pasta for lunch today so I made a white bean and broccoli sauce with a touch of lemon and chili flakes. Sometimes its nice to have a pasta sauce that isn’t based on tomatoes. For dinner tonight, I decided a crockpot rotisserie chicken would be the way to go. I covered it in Milwaukee Iron seasoning from the Spice House and put a little lemon juice in the bottom. Crockpot chicken doesn’t call for liquid, but I thought a little touch would be a nice flavor addition to the seasoning. I guess today ended up being a lemon kind of day. I’ll make some mashed potatoes to go alongside. I’m still trying to think of what to bake for a breakfast treat – I’m thinking chocolate chip muffins would be nice.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies

  1. If you want to try pasta sauce that isn’t based on tomatoes, how do you feel about green? Nope, it’s not exactly pesto sauce, although that’s close!
    This green pasta is made from sauteed chopped spinach (no problem to use frozen, just make sure to start the saute process with the spinach already thawed and drained of any excess water). One 8 oz package of pasta needs about 4 boxes or 2 bags of frozen spinach. At least 2 large onions (long sauteing makes them shrink considerably) if this sounds like a very large portion, don’t worry–Leftovers are fabulous! Before sauteing spinach, first you will need to make caramelized onions! SLOWLY fry thinly sliced onion until a deep golden brown. When you are almost done with the onions, add chopped garlic to the saute pan and cook until the garlice is lightly browned (it gets bitter quickly if it’s overly browned), but the onions are deep golden.
    finally add the thawed/drained spinach and toss well together to incorporate the flavors. add salt and freshly ground pepper to taste. Your pasta, which should still be warm, can either be mixed with the spinach in the pot and transferred to a large serving platter/shallow bowl or mixed on the serving bowl. Warning: this dish calls for liberal abounts of olive oil! But because, unlike pesto, there is not cheese, it’s still a relatively light pasta dish.

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