Instant Valentine’s Day Decor

I enjoy Valentine’s Day, and the other day I noticed my house was woefully undecorated. Good thing there’s still a week to go! Yesterday I did a bit of crafting to spruce things up.

Well, I can’t take credit for that one, though. It’s the one store-bought thing I’ve got up. I actually came across it Friday night on my way home from work at Walgreens of all places – only $3.00! So it came home with me. I love the glittered things.

This one took zero percent effort as well – it’s a foldout vintage reproduction card that I just set up on our hall table.

These two wall hangings literally took seconds to make. I had some more reproduction embossed Valentine’s cards in my paper stash and just taped some red ribbon to the back. I’d like to get some red tinseled wire to outline them in for next year though – a little extra sparkle.

Yesterday I said I was going to do some conversation hearts plant stakes, but I forgot I had Martha Stewart vinyl Christmas die cuts that I got on sale after Christmas for $1.70 per package. It had four hearts (which I don’t really think of as Christmasy anyway) and I simply taped them to bamboo skewers.

And there’s the project that didn’t quit turn out. I looks painfully elementary, but I’m showing it to you anyway because I think it has potential. I cut three hearts from stiff cardboard and glittered them, then glued/taped the ribbon to the back. I hung it up and was immediately dissatisfied with it, but I couldn’t figure out what it was missing so I just left it up and forgot about it. This morning, just as I was waking up, the solution came to me. The hearts need a frilly border of some sort – I’m thinking white eyelet lace would be nice. And I should switch out the double folded ribbon on the back with a single length of ribbon. I probably won’t get around to the fabric store this week to buy any eyelet lace, but I bet I’ll get some in my fabric stash before next year, so I’ll just tuck those hearts away into a folder so they’re ready to go.

And I did one more project for Valentine’s Day, but I’m so pleased it turned out well I think it deserves a post of it’s own. 🙂