Valentine’s Day Craft: Be Mine Garland

I love garlands. They’re easy to make, great for any holiday or occassion and they usually look great when composed of the simplest materials. Out of all the Valentine’s crafting I did this weekend, this project was by far my favorite –

To make your own version, you’ll need the following items –

3 inch circle hole punch

red card stock

cream card stock

red-bordered labels (mine are Martha Stewart)

1 letterpress decal (mine is Paper Source, but you could also use a sticker, a diecut or a freehand drawing)

red twine (or ribbon)

clear tape

black sharpie marker

So assembly is super easy. Cut out four red and three cream circles with the hole punch.

Lay them out on your worksurface and carefully position the labels on the circles that will have the letters drawn on them.

For the spacer circle, affix your letterpress decal with tape.

Hand letter “be mine” on the labels by carefully writing one letter per label.

Flip your circles over, arranged backwards (start with the ‘b’ on the right, and so forth) being careful to keep the writing vertical, and lay your length of twine along the back, taping it to the back of each circle.

Flip it over. If any of your letters are skewed, reposition the tape on the back. Once you have it arranged to your liking, hang it somewhere prominent so everyone can admire your handiwork. Happy Valentine’s Day!