Home Made Bread Crumbs

Last night I came home to a great dinner my husband made – breaded pork chops, green beans and mashed potatoes. The house smelled so good, so I was ready to have a plate. Then my husband mentioned that we’d run out of store-bought bread crumbs. So wait, how did he make breaded pork chops then?

Home made bread crumbs of course! We usually have a loaf of bread a week in the house and we don’t always eat it all as toast or sandwiches. So on the weekends, I oven-toast it for bread stuffing mix. Waste not, want not – and I hate throwing out food. I take whatever is left from the loaf and slice into one inch pieces, then dry it in a low oven (about 200) for about a half hour on rimmed baking sheet until it’s just dry. I let the bread cubes cool to room temp and then they get stored in a closed container.

Husband remembered the dried bread cubes in the pantry when he realized didn’t have the store bought crumbs. It couldn’t be easier – put some cubes in a ziploc, smash them with a rolling pin, and they’re ready to use!

As it turns out, I like the home made crumbs a lot better than store bought – they’ve got a little texture to them (as opposed to fine bread powder that comes from a can) that really stood up to the pork chop. So next time you’ve got half a loaf of bread that’s well on it’s way to being stale, don’t throw them out! Make stuffing cubes and bread crumbs!