Taking a Stand for Freedom of Speech

I don’t usually make mention of when I edit or remove links on the site, but today I am. I’ve removed the link to Little Homestead in the City, run by the Dervaes family. I used to enjoy reading about their experiences as urban homesteaders – that is, until they decided to make it impossible for others just like them to freely talk about being urban homesteaders themselves when the decided to file for a trademark on the phrases  “urban homestead” and “urban homesteading”. They certainly didn’t invent the concept or coin the phrase. And being located in Pasadena, they’re more suburban Los Angeles than city… but the real point here is the infringment on everyone’s else rights. You should make your own decision on whether they’re in the right or the wrong here, but it seems pretty clear to me. The Facebook group Take Back Urban Home-steading has a lot of good info, so I encourage you to check it out and get informed about this issue.


5 thoughts on “Taking a Stand for Freedom of Speech

  1. that’s stupid. i don’t even know who those people are and I know what urban homesteading is. How can you trademark a phrase, if the general population don’t automatically associate it with you? i mean “finger licking good” i think KFC. Urban Homesteading, I think of… at least 10 different people… lameo

  2. I read their statement:
    and basically they want to own the term Urban Homestead and Urban Homesteading. This is ridiculous. It’s like trying to own “gardening” or “heirloom seeds.”

    I used to love them and now frankly I don’t care much for them. This is very harmful for people trying to bring urban homesteading back. At least they didn’t take City Homesteading which is what people will use next.

  3. I sent the Dervaeses an email suggesting that they live up to their lifestyle and not try to hold a monopoly on the term urban homesteader/ing. I worded it nicely, recognizing that they probably felt that they had worked hard and were trailblazers in this field, but that ultimately this decision was an indication that they had fought into Wall Street.

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