Why I Have an Urban Homestead

With all the ruckus surrounding the terms “urban homestead” and “urban homesteading”, I’d like to share some reasons why these terms are important to me, and as an extention – why I urban homestead.

– I love to get my hands in dirt. Growing as much of what goes onto to our table as I can is something I really enjoy.

– Taste is important; flavor is key. Growing food myself enables me to make sure I’m putting into what I want to get out, and getting it to the table at it’s peak of freshness means it’s going to taste incredible.

– Living sustainably is better for the environment. Growing my own food, making my own things (sewing, candlemaking, what have you) and recycling are good for the planet. And what’s good for the planet is what’s good for us.

– I like having money in my pocket. Whereever I can do something myself, I’m saving dollars. Having a little extra is good financial sense.

– Gardening is cheaper than therapy. We all have days when we could pull our hair out, and there’s nothing more therapeutic than coming home and pruning the rosemary or transplanting tomatoes.

This isn’t a comprehensive list by any means, but it’s a few of the key reasons why I’m an urban homesteader. I really value this way of life, and I believe wholeheartedly that a homestead isn’t a big place in the country – it’s a way of life and a state of mind. If you practice living sustainably and have a do it yourself mentality, you’re a homesteader. And if you happen to do all that while living in the big city, than you’re an urban homesteader. Regardless of what some mindless trademark says.