Hurry Up and Wait

I’m not good at patiently waiting for exciting things to happen. Unfortunately, it seems like waiting is all I’m doing lately. Waiting for the early vegetable seeds to sprout. Waiting for it to get warm outside. Waiting for the baby. Waiting for my seed potato order to ship.

Even though some of these waiting moments are completely unbearable, I’m trying to take it in stride. Waiting also equals getting to look forward to something, and I’m certainly looking forward to all of the things that are currently keeping me in check.

And in the meantime, maybe I need to find some productive way of channeling my lack of inertia. I want to start on the quilt for the baby, but I can’t yet because we don’t know if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl. But I keep thinking about bread. This weekend I’ll make bread – some rosemary focaccia for sure, and then maybe some olive boules… after all, there is nothing like getting your hands in the dough.


2 thoughts on “Hurry Up and Wait

  1. Mmm, rosemary focaccia, yum.
    I’m waiting for spring and waiting until I can start seeds. Soon, but it’s SO hard to wait.

    • Congrats on the baby, how exciting!

      Funny, I’ve been wanting to make bread lately too and just printed out a few new recipes to try. Happy gardening/cooking/baby pondering!

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