Spring Fling

Yesterday evening, I went out to dinner with some friends. It was fairly warm (for this time of the year) and raining – springtime weather. Then I woke up this morning to temperatures that were fifteen degrees cooler and snow. Big, flaky snow blowing on a harsh wind. The Ides of March, with it’s fickle and troublesome tendencies (in this case, applied to the weather) are approaching.

But all hope is not lost. Spring is nearer at hand every day, and to celebrate it I’ll share with you all of the wonderful springtime things that are happening across the land.

I am jealous of the lovely photo above of crocuses in the snow that I found at a great little blog called Posies & Peanuts. It perfectly captures the time between winter and spring.

Martha Stewart Living is featuring amazing little Crepe Paper Carrot favors for Easter.

Terrarium Man is showing us how to have greenery around us all the time by making micro terrariums.

Homework is making lovely budded tissue paper trees.

Bitter Betty Blogs is making crepe paper daffodils.  

Martha Stewart Living has a tutorial for making crepe paper crocuses and snowdrops.

Living on the Crafty Side of Life is making pom pom chicks.

Craft shows us how to make a charming mason jar terrarium.