Family Farmed Expo

I am super excited because I just booked my ticket to attend the Saturday workshops at the Family Farmed Expo next Saturday, March 19th. This will be my first year attending, and I’m really looking forward to it.

The Family Farmed Expo is a three day conference and festival focusing on good food and family farming. Thursday and Friday are mostly the conference and trade show events for professionals. Saturday is the exhibition and workshop day. There will be exhibits from farmers, restaurants, artisans, organizations and others, as well as celebrity chef demos.

There are also sixteen workshops to choose from, on gardening, food and sustainability. I plan to attend Yes We Can, The Conscious Carnivore, Small Space Gardening and Fresh Food in Four Seasons. It only costs $25.00 to get into the expo on Saturday and attend the workshops, which is a pretty good price. If you’re interested in attending, tickets are still available – check out Family Farmed Expo for more info.