Introducing My New Blog – Somebody’s Mother

Fear not, Apartment Farm is alive and well! But I’ve been thinking a lot about my pregnancy and becoming a parent (obviously) and there’s not really a lot of room here to delve into those topics. Gardening, cooking and crafting make a pretty full plate for Apartment Farm as it is. And even though I’m well on my way to becoming a mom, I still plan to do all of those things, and I’d like to maintain a place just for them – becoming a mom doesn’t mean I’m going to be ONLY a mom.

Enter Somebody’s Mother – a place where I can talk about all of the pregnancy, mom and parenthood things I want without worrying about boring the kidless (or the parents that want to read something that’s not about parenting). So I’ll hope you’ll start stopping by the new blog as well as this wonderful old standard. 🙂