New Gear!

I was down around Target yesterday afternoon, so I popped in to see what was new in the gardening section. There were so many great things I could’ve picked up – I spent a few minutes debating between a green plastic watering can and a 25 foot coiled hose, but ended up getting neither. I don’t know if we have an exterior water faucet on our side of the buidling (I’m sure there must be – I hope) so I didn’t want to buy either one until I figure out what I need. I’m hoping there’s a faucet because that would super convenient for watering everything. I was going to go out back today and check things out, but we’re having a thunderstorm (on the first day of spring!) so it’s more of an indoor day. I was also hoping to sweep the winter debris off the back patio and cultivate the little strip of dirt on our side of the back fence to get it ready for planting, but alas, it’s just not the day for it.

Anyway, I’m getting off track. I didn’t come home empty handeded. There were lots of cool things I browsed, like brightly colored kneeling pads, bird feeders, containers and LED patio lights, which were all very tempting but not very necessary for someone on budget. What I have been needing though is a new pair of garden clippers. I had a good pair last season, but since I did most of my gardening at the rooftop of True Nature I just donated them into the supply stash. It occurs to me that I won’t be able to volunteer there again this summer, being pregnant… wow, I really keep digressing today. Anyway, I found a great pair of Fiskars clippers for $10.00 –

Though I wish they came in different colors, they really are perfect otherwise. They’re comfortable and easy to use, with a simple blade lock lever along the top. And they are sharp. I broke them in pruning the rosemary and they worked great. Nice, clean cuts. They’re strong – not flimsy at all. They cut through thick branches with no problem at all.

I also happened to find a workable grow light solution – battery-operated under cabinet lights. Battery-operated isn’t the ideal solution, but I got four units at under $3.00 a piece on clearance. I couldn’t even find the plug-in kind at Target, and since I really needed an affordable, immediate solution, I went with these.

They mount to the cabinets with either included velco or screws. I went with the velcro for the one I installed for the onions in the kitchen. The light is fairly bright so I think it will help. And, had I not left the stupid thing on all night I’m sure the batteries would last a reasonable amount of time for supplemental lighting for my seedlings.

The only other things I need to pick up for this season are a hose or watering can (depending upon the faucet situtions), some more drainage material (I have only acquired enough recycled packing peanuts for one pot) and some potting soil. I may also pick up some fish emulsion fertilizer as well. Spring is underway!