Spring Cleaning

At long last – a gorgeous spring day in Chicago! It’s supposed to get up to 80 today. Nevermind that we’re supposed to have severe thunderstorms starting this evening, there’s plenty of beautiful day ahead between now and then. We started the morning by taking the patio furniture back outside and having breakfast on the deck. Scrambled eggs and bacon never tasted so good.

After breakfast, I tackled the winter clean up. First, I swept the deck and stairs. Then I pulled the dead plants out of both window boxes and cultivated the soil. We lost two of the dwarf firs over the winter in the free-standing window box. The two junipers on the end survived and I just had to clip one dead branch of one of them. Now we have a giant space in the middle of the planter that needs to be filled. I have no idea what will go there, except that it won’t be dwarf firs again.

I also cleaned up the etagere and swept the patio – the landscape rock we have back there freely migrated during the winter storms so that had to be put back into it’s rightful place. I also pulled out some weeds and dead plants from the inch-wide strip of soil on our side of the back fence, and cultivated the soil there. I’m going to plant morning glories on our side in a few weeks when we’re past the frost free date (about April 20th here).

The only things left to do are to hang some brackets for hanging planters, hang the lanterns and actually get things planted in all the pots and boxes. I know the chilly weather probably isn’t completely done yet since this is Chicago, after all – but it’s closer than ever and outdoor space is that much closer for a long summer season of tons of use. Finally!