Seed Starting, Part Two

Okay, the tomato and strawberry seeds have been replanted. My new set up isn’t as pretty as it was previously, but more functional for this year. I planted six of each, and since the temperatures around here have been so dreary lately, I’m giving them a head start in the warmth department but letting them live on the furnace in the utility closet over the weekend –

Like I said, not pretty… but pretty is as pretty does and the goal at this point is to get these babies to sprout. The ugly plastic bag will ensure the soil doesn’t dry out. I’m going to check them before I go to bed tonight and again tomorrow morning to make sure it’s not so hot in there that the soil won’t stay moist.

And while I’m waiting for the seeds to sprout, there isn’t a total absence of green here –

I had a couple of heads of supermarket garlic start to sprout, so I decided to plant them. Waste not want not! Once the greens get big enough, they’ll be quite tasty in pasta salad, green salad or steamed with fish. I’ve got a few more sprouted cloves too, so I’ll dig out a milk glass bowl or compote later and plant the rest. You can never have too many garlic greens.

And here is the sewing table set up, with the aforementioned water bottle close by –

Once the tomato and strawberry seeds sprout, they will join the garlic here, on a tray. So, all hope is not lost. It’s certainly better late than never!