Seedlings Don’t Thrive on Neglect…

Well. Here I am on April 16th with exactly ZERO seedlings ready for planting. Why’s that? Well apparently, you need to water them daily and make sure their sunlight needs are being met. Now clearly, I know this. I’ve been starting seeds successfully for years, but this year’s pregnancy brain has really gotten the best of me. It’s a miracle I can get out of the house each day with my keys, wallet and transit card. Remembering to stop in the kitchen and open the curtain and water the seedlings… evidently that was asking too much of myself.

But, being the middle of April yet with another potential week of hard frosts outside still, all hope is not lost. I’m just back at square one. Wouldn’t be the first time. 🙂 I clearly need to modify my seed starting routine to ensure success. I’m going to direct seed my scallions, cucumbers, zucchini and such outside. So the only ones I’m going to start at this late date are tomatoes and strawberries. Yes, I’m stubbornly going to try to grow alpine strawberries from seeds still.

The seedling tray can’t live in the kitchen. Space-wise, it’s the pefect spot, but I just don’t go in there in the mornings more than grabbing my packed lunch and breakfast from the fridge. I’m going to set them up on my sewing table in the living room, with a spray bottle of water sitting right next to it – I just won’t be able to overlook them sitting there.

I WILL have seed-started tomatoes this year! Stay tuned… again.