Getting Stuff Done – Well, That’s The Plan

Last weekend’s complete relaxation (doing nothing, at all) was great. But there are a lot of things I kind of wish I had gotten done. Good thing there’s another weekend starting!

I’ve got to do something about plants. For whatever reason (though not neglect this time!) my second batch of seeds refused to sprout at all too. Not a single one. I suspect our cold, damp spring wasn’t helpful. I thought starting them in the furnace closet would fix the situation, but no. Not one single seedling. Not one to admit defeat, I’m moving on to Plan C. I’ll just buy some transplants from Gethsemane. It won’t be as affordable as starting my own, and I won’t get exactly the varieties I wanted, but at least I’ll still be able to have home-grown produce this summer. Sometimes you just have to take the trade off.

Bread. I’ve been meaning to bake some more bread lately. My husband will certainly want a traditional loaf, but I’m also thinking about focaccia again – sun dried tomato and rosemary focaccia to be specific. So I plan to start a couple batches on the rise first thing tomorrow morning.

I also want to think about planning out my next few food projects. In three weeks, I’m going to show my book club ladies how to cure bacon, so I’ve got to write out an instruction sheet for that. I’ve also been wanting to work with a whole duck – confiting the legs, rendering the fat, preparing the roasted breasts and making stock from the carcass. I’m going to research technique this weekend so that next weekend (after payday gives me the extra oomph I need to purchase said duck) I’m all ready to go.

There’s a whole lot else that needs to be done as well, but I’ll keep my list (and expectations) realistic. 🙂