Plan C: The Transplants Have Arrived

Yesterday my husband surprised me with two new plants – a false spiria (the one with the lovely pale pink flowers) and a new rosemary for my first Mother’s Day. Excited by the new greenery, we decided to head over to Gethsemane, despite the rain and chill, to get the rest of the plants we wanted for the garden. Needing copious amounts of dirt, my husband also muscled home over 60 pounds of potting soil on a hand cart – a walk of over a mile and a half!

Our plant haul included –

1 Italian oregano

2 French thymes

4 ‘Red Express’ cabbage

4 ‘Bush Pickle’ cucumbers

4 ‘Rhubarb’ chard

4 ‘Gypsy’ sweet peppers

4 ‘Anaheim hot peppers

4 ‘La Roma’ tomatoes

1 purple mini African violet (for my desk at work – we finally moved into a room with a window)

If the weather ever warms up today, we hope to have at least half of it planted into containers this afternoon – we’re probably going to need another 40-60 pounds of potting soil, and after yesterday’s tiring jaunt, a return trip is likely going to have to wait until next weekend. But at long last, we’ve got some real live plants at Apartment Farm this season.