Rain, Rain Go Away…

Of course, when it was in the eighties with sunny, blue skies during this past week I was tied to numerous excel spreadsheets and business minutiae in a downtown highrise. Now that I’ve got two whole days of freedom it’s rainy, blustery and barely in the forties. Sometimes life isn’t fair.

I had great plans to obtain the rest of the potting soil and work on transplanting some of the overcrowded plants this weekend, but no. I wanted to make up a few gallons of sun tea. I’d also planned to spend the rest of the time outdoors lounging on the deck with a good book and grilling out for every meal.

Well, even though it’s raining we’re still grilling out. Husband has moved the grill so it’s under the porch overhang and donned his rain jacket to brave the elements so that I can have the barbecue chicken that I’ve been craving. I’m trying to convince him we should apple smoke it, but he’s voting for plain old grilled. Either way will be good. To make it true barbecue chicken, I’m cooking up some of my home made barbecue sauce to slather on it. We’ll maybe serve herbed rice or black eyed peas on the side. A good warm weather dinner even though it’s anything but warm – I’m hoping it will maintain our faith that proper spring and summer are acutally coming. Someday.

Except for doing a massive grocery shopping this morning, we mostly did indoor things. Catching up with blog reading and forums and reading books (which is a nice thing to do in a cozy chair by a rainy window). And now that we know that our little Apartment Farmer is a boy, it’s time for me to get serious about his quilt. It won’t be anything terribly fancy, as this will be the first quilt I’ve ever attempted to make, but it will be made by his Mama. I’m going to sort through my fabrics and old clothes to see if I can make up blocks from as many fabrics that mean something as I can. I have a dark blue dress with a white floral print on it that I used to wear all the time when my husband and I first moved to the city. I’ve got my favorite old pair of dark-wash Levis that I wore up until a few years ago when they literally fell apart. There’s a blue Veruca Salt t-shirt that both my husband and I wore all the time when we first starting dating – they were the first band we bonded over and went to see in concert (I plan to use the front logo for a wall hanging – way better than a band poster, and there will be plenty of fabric from the backside for the quilt). And I’ve got some blue/white fabrics that I’ve picked up over the years with no specific use in mind that will be perfect for this little quilt.

So I guess rainy weekends aren’t all bad. And I’m hoping if it’s rainy now, our three day weekend for Memorial Day in a few weeks will be filled with sun… here’s to hoping.