Garden Financials

Finally having outdoor space after nearly ten years in the city (and five blogging about it), I was curious as to how much we’ve spent this year getting our deck and potted garden going, and comfortable. Here’s the rough math –

Six seven-gallon plastic planters – $42.00

Four black wire plant stands – $12.00

Two tan resin Adirondack-style deck chairs – $40.00

Various seeds – $20.00 (gotta count the expense, even though they didn’t work out!)

Various vegetable transplants – $30.00

Six bags of potting soil – $15.00

Fiskars garden clippers – $10.00


We also acquired some things for free –

Blue glazed Ikea gallon-sized pot – scavenged from the alley (had some cracks on one side that my husband repaired with epoxy).

Two bags of potting soil – gifted from husband’s Grandpa.

Six strawberry plants and a hops plant – gifted from husband’s Grandpa.

Green plastic watering can – gift from husband’s Mom.


And we already owned the following items –

Wire windowbox planter

Wooden freestanding windowbox planter with storage shelf

Cast iron and copper etagere plant stand

Ikea bistro set

Four hanging baskets

Two metal brackets for hanging baskets (we actually own another two should we ever need them)

Terra cotta strawberry pot

White lantern set

All purpose plant fertilizer

Fiskars plastic soil scoop, cultivator and transplanting trowel

Weber charcoal kettle grill with wire brush, chimney starter and cover

We also own some random things that may come in handy that we keep around in a mini white metal trashcan from Ikea – some plastic plant saucers, metal plant tags, seed starting soil pellets, a cover for the Earthbox, bamboo stakes, twine, and an ornamental bamboo pot with saucer.

If my math is correct (and often it’s not – I’m better with words!) we spent a total of $169.00 on the garden this year. Not bad, since there are “capital” expenses in there, like the large pots and chairs. And we still have plenty of potting soil left over for impromptu planting, and we haven’t filled two of our largest pots yets. So we have room to grow should we want to this season. And we certainly didn’t drop all that cash in one fell swoop – we bought a little here and a little there when we had some ready cash. Next summer, however, I intend to spend considerably less money!