Surprise! It’s Raining… Again!

I won’t pretend that I’m not getting exasperated by all this rain. I like a good spring thunderstorm as much as the next person. Just this morning, we enjoyed some time sitting on the deck watching the fog coat the landscape while we waited for breakfast to finish cooking. It was a little cool, but lovely nonetheless. And we were hopeful the day would improve into the “promised” sunshine and high seventies.

Alas, it did not. Breakfast was excellent – I made crockpot pulled pork (I let it go overnight so it would be ready in the morning – useful, but a bit odd to have the smell of pulled pork waking you up in the morning) with my home made barbecue sauce, jalapeno corn bread, roasted breakfast potatoes and scrambled eggs. Quite a spread, and the highlight of the day thus far. After we finished eating, we decided to head over to the thrift shops a few neighborhoods away to donate a few bags of items and see what we could find. And that’s where the day went downhill. We got caught in a torrential downpour, and it’s been raining ever since. We cut our trip short and hustled home, but by the time we made it back we were soaked.

Before we could even dry off at home though, we had to attend to the plants. We dragged the four pots of tomatoes and cabbages under the deck overhang next to the stairs to prevent them getting too water logged and damaged by the wind and any flying debris. Moving these pots constantly to protect them from all this errant weather really makes we want to invest in some wheeled plant coasters, like these –

 We also took down the hanging baskets of peppers and moved most of the pots to the interior wall of the deck. Fortunately, we haven’t suffered any damage yet. No broken stems or soil washouts. The only planter that’s still exposed to the elements is the windowbox with the chard, thyme and oregano in it, but’s secured pretty well and has excellent drainage, so I think it’ll be okay. I’m going to check it in a few hours to be on the safe side though. The weather report says we could have 80 mph wind gusts and hail with this storm, but hopefully not.

So, no deck pictures or sun tea today. Time to start prepping my fabrics for the baby quilt instead. 🙂