A Lazy Sunday

I’ve been working long days at the office over the last week, and gearing up to do another week of early mornings starting tomorrow, so we needed a low-key weekend to recover. And somehow we still managed to do too much. Saturday, we needed to stop by the bank and post office, so we did that first thing after breakfast (nothing elaborate this week – scrambled eggs with bacon). And we went by the Edgewater Community Yard Sale, hoping to find some good stuff for the baby, or the canning jars and Saveur magazines I’m always looking for. Well, for all that walking around in the heat, we came away with three things and spent four bucks – a fleece sleep sack, a screenprinted short sleeved onesie and a bilingual French storybook. Pretty much a total bust. We escaped the heat by ducking into Indie Cafe (our favorite Thai place) for a quartert of appetizers and some water for lunch. We got chicken satay with peanut sauce and cucumber salad, spring rolls, baby egg rolls and gyoza, which was a a perfect light lunch. I also picked up the newest Saveur while we were out. Being tired and overhot, we then headed home, but the damage was done, especially since we had to rearrange the bedroom and build the crib, since our shower is next weekend. Husband did the heavy lifting and moving, but it was another couple of hours on sore feet. So my feet are a total wreck today – completely sore, blisters from my sandals (why does this happen to me every summer!?) and swollen ankles. And I’m exhausted.

So today, we vowed to do next to nothing. We had another low-key breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and some leftover jalapeno cornbread and then stopped by the farmer’s market to pick up a few things. We ducked into the dollar store real quick to grab four citronella candle buckets to create a bug-free perimeter on the deck (adding $16 to our deck expense tally). And we’ve been home and sitting ever since. Miscellaneous leftovers for lunch. Reading my new Saveur on the back deck. And lots of time on the couch surfing the internet with my poor suffering feet elevated. They certainly feel better than yesterday, but I’m thinking an epsom salt and rosemary oil soak is in order before the day is out.

For dinner, we’re doing some low key grilling – Italian sausages and grilled polenta. I’ll whip up a quick pasta sauce using fresh oregano and bay from our garden to serve alongside it. We’ll relax on the deck while grilling and eat out there if it’s not too cool – some severe thunderstorms passed along to the south of us today, so it’s only been in the low 70s and mostly overcast so it’s cool in the shade. And that’s it – a lazy Sunday at Apartment Farm.