Oh, How My Garden Grows!

The garden has really taken off – I’m so pleased with how everything is turning out. We’ve had minimal attacks by birds and that stupid squirrel that’s always hanging around, but so far most things have survived and are thriving.

The most exciting developement of all is we have a few red strawberries!

Some of the sweet peppers and tomatoes have flowers on them already. No flowers yet on the hot peppers, but we’re watching closely for them.

Everything is growing so well – looking lush and tasty every day.

The hops has already grown to the top of it’s trellis – time to add an extention to it already. The cabbages are doing well and the tomatoes are robust.

The bay tree continues to grow like a weed – we’ll have to pot it up again before the summer is out!

And this is the neighbor cat Maybe. (His name was Maybelline, but then they found he was a boy…) He likes to come by for a visit (i.e. a quick pet and a cat treat) every once and awhile and enjoy the garden scene.