The Strawberry Thief

I came home from work to a crime scene the other day. Our two ripe strawberries were missing. Surrounding the pot was the awful evidence of what happened – tiny bits of strawberry flesh and torn foilage. My husband informed me that the inevitable had happened – the squirrel discovered the strawberries and helped himself. Grrrr. So much for leaving them just a day or two longer to ripen.

I’m making myself feel better  by trying to figure out a solution to the problem. The main deterrant we’ve tried is chili powder, but our stupid squirrel actually seems to like the stuff. Since we’re growing plants to eat, we don’t want to try much else in the way of chemicals and the like, and the only “fool proof” squirrel deterrant I’ve come across is caging all your vegetables. Forunately, there are a lot of cool options out there, that don’t look all that bad.

This is probably the set up we’ll go with since we’ve got containers and this is likely easy to put together. The dollar store is selling tomato cages this season, so those coupled with some bird netting from the garden supply store will hopefully do the trick.

The two above cages are pretty cool repurposed options. The top one is a large birdcage and the bottom is a wire-wrapped metal shelf. Easy to use/assemble if you happen to have those items around.

The two above options are DIY board and wire cages. I especially like that the bottom one was spruced up with paint – makes it attractive as well as utilitarian.

This is a pre-fab metal pipe and wire cage that you can buy as a kit.

This is a pre-fab kit of metal poles and plastic fruit netting you can purchase.

And the above model is the ultimate in pest control – if you’ve got a large garden with marauding squirrels, chipmunks and maybe even a herd of aggressive deer – just build a cage room around your whole garden!