Sunday Morning

I really struggled to sleep last night since the baby was awake doing his jazzersize routine. On the plus side, I finished the book my husband got for me recently – The Wilder Life by Wendy McClure. Her experience really parallels mine with the Little House books, and I’m totally envious of her – this is a book I wish I could’ve written! I finished it in a near-record three days; it was a great read. Even though I finished the book, and it was worth staying up to 12:30 for, I had intended to sleep in. But I was up by 8:15 because my son was already up. Having a person inside of you who has a completely different sleep/wake schedule than you has it’s challenges. I see a nap on the horizon of my afternoon for sure.

We salvaged the morning quite nicely though. Being up and ready to go before nine meant that we could get to the farmers market right at opening, which was awesome. There were no crowds to contend with, just a regular stream of other early birds. We could actually get up to the Bennisons Bakery stall! After ten, when we usually stroll over, there is literally a crowd of four people deep there, so we rarely stick around to wait in queue for bread. We got a simple baguette, and I also grabbed a chocolate croissant for a mid-morning snack (I’m actually looking at it now…). We also got our weekly supply of strawberries, since the main season for those is winding down. They say they will have some more next week, but that’s likely it. However, they anticipate having raspberries in next week. I’ve been waiting my entire pregnancy for farm-fresh raspberries! We also picked up a bunch of the first carrots and some amazingly red radishes, so I can have some healthy things to snack on this week. And we got our usual supply of scallions and crimini mushrooms. The criminis this week are huge – perfect for throwing onto the grill, so we got a whole quart of them instead of just a half. We’re sold on going early- we’ll be at the market for opening for the rest of the summer now. The hustle and bustle of the crowd can be festive and fun, but there’s something to be said for a leisurely stroll down the street, and being able to get up to the selection and talk to the vendors. And not tripping over dogs and strollers.

And going early, we beat the rain, which started up right after breakfast. I made a simple spread of bacon and eggs, with the fresh baguette we picked up at the market. It was cool and foggy this morning – coupled with the smell of frying bacon, it really reminded me of summer mornings on my great grandparent’s farm. Moments like that always seem to turn on that slideshow of history in my mind – watching the fog settle into the hollows from the front porch, the dew on the wildflowers brushing against your legs on the way to the chicken house for eggs, the smell of frying bacon and coffee percolating for breakfast. The stillness of everything, birds chirping as they get on with the business of their morning. Back here in the present, the overcast morning broke into a sudden, early summer rain for an hour or so after breakfast. The city sounded so still – you could hear the steady pitter-patter of raindrops through the open back door and windows, with the birds calling to one another. And now the rain has stopped and the sun is struggling to break through and burn off the fog. Sunday mornings in the summer are a nice place to be.