Project Bed Rest

Yes, you read that correctly. I took a fairly bad fall down the stairs at the train station Friday coming home from work. The miracle of it is that the baby is fine. My ankle took the brunt of the fall though, so it did not fair so well. I’m on bed rest for the forseeable future. I can only use crutches to get up for bathroom breaks and the like – which is about all I can manage this pregnant anyhow.

So, that’s the state of things. But I’m trying to keep on top of the things that I want and need to do from the couch. Husband is covering the major bases of course – preparing the meals, keeping the house tidy, running the errands, making sure I’m okay and helping me out. To keep myself motivated and in a positive frame of mind, I’ve decided to outline all the things I can still get done while sitting and laying down.

– Cut the quilt blocks for the baby’s quilt. I’ve been procrastinating on this one because it’s been so hot, but we have the air on and I’ve got nowhere to go.

– Work on the wedding/honeymoon albums. Six years later, maybe I’ll finish them while on bed rest!

– Prep fruit for the freezer so we have pie fillings this winter. We currently have a pint of cherries that need pitting.

– Brainstorm chalkboard paint projects. I’ve got a can that I’ve been meaning to use. I thought of one project that might just work, so if I can convince husband to head to the alley and spray up a few things for me, I’ll post about it this weekend.

– Enter some recipe contests. It’s been ages since I’ve entered any, so I need to make up a short list of the ones that sound interesting to me and see if anything in my repertoire will fit the bill.

That’s probably enough to keep me busy through the weekend. I’m really glad I’ve been so nesty in the last few weeks – the house is in order and all of the major baby stuff is organized. I’m glad those things are taken care of, so now I don’t have to worry about them while my ankle recovers. I’ll know more after I see an orthopedic surgeon in a week, but hopefully the news at that visit will be good!

There’s still tomato canning season ahead of us, and I wanted to make up a bunch of meals for the freezer before the baby arrives, so cross your fingers we get good news at the doctor! Either way, I can do some of the prep for those things while seated, and husband has already volunteered to help me can tomatoes and make the meals – we might not be able to do as many as I had planned, but as long as I can get a batch or two of tomatoes put up and a couple of dinners, I’ll be happy.