Canning Roundup

I may not be canning anything quite yet (or even physically able to at the moment), but that doesn’t mean that others aren’t preserving summer’s bounty. There are plenty of great recipes, printables and projects happening right now, and I’ve rounded up my favorites to share with you.

Free Printable Red Canning Labels from Poppytalk.

How to Throw a Canning Party (with free printables) from Cottage Industrialist.

Small Batch Canning with an Asparagus Pot from Food in Jars.

Free Printable Gingham & Veggie Labels from A Sonoma Garden.

Free Printable Lemon, Lime and Orange Slice Labels from Wendolonia.

An Intro to Home Canning with Ashley English on Design Sponge.

Get Started Guide at Ball Fresh Preserving.

Free Printable Farm Fresh Labels from Lizzy Lane Farm.

Raw Packed Tomatoes with No Added Liquid from Ball Fresh Preserving (the new tomato method I’m going to try out this year).

Small Batch Strawberry Jam by the The Domestic Mama & The Village Cook.

Selected Recipes from The Complete Book of Year-Round Small Batch Preserving at Epicurious.

Small Batch Fig Jam at The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking.