Hot Pepper Harvest

Mmmm, summer. We finally have our first hot peppers ready to come off the vine! Husband clipped one yesterday for a simple pasta dish for lunch, along with some of our fresh herbs –

The hot pepper, thyme and basil are from our garden. The onion and garlic are from the farmers market. He just added the freshly chopped veg to a can of diced tomatoes, and added a generous splash of white wine, with a little salt and pepper to taste. Served over rotini with Italian sausage on the side, it was simple and delicious. Easy dishes packed with fresh flavor are the way to go in the height of summer. And he’s doing pretty well in the kitchen while I’m off my feet!


2 thoughts on “Hot Pepper Harvest

    • Not stupid; I used to do it. Just choose a small container variety and put it in the sunniest window you have. You’ll probably want a supplemental grow light – a full spectrum bulb in a desk lamp would work just fine. And you’ll have to hand pollinate – which is easy using a small paintbrush. A little extra work, but well worth it!

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