Mini Chalkboard Magnets

As promised, we dug out the can of chalkboard spray paint and went to town with it. Well, husband went to town since I am very much on lock down on the couch. He has stepped up to being actively involved in Apartment Farm craft projects so that the fun can continue (and also, he’s just a pro at painting – you can see for yourself on his dorkorific gamer blog Empire of Ghosts).

With canning season here in a few weeks, I’ve been wondering how to reuse the old lids from last season – to ensure the best seal on your canned goods so they don’t go bad, you can only use the insert lids once. I’ve got a fair number of lids sitting around that I don’t want to just throw out, so I thought of two easy projects to reuse them. This first one transforms a trio of lids into mini chalkboard magnets – great for jotting down short grocery lists, phone messages, notes, etcetera.

The only supplies you need are spent canning jar lids, a can of chalkboard spray paint, strong glue (like Gorilla or Weldbond), small magnets (I used some flat magnet strips I had in my craft stash) and some steel wool. Our supplies for painting all assembled –

Here’s a shot of the lids all ready for their spray paint treatment (as well as jars/lids for my second project – might as well do them all in one go) –

First you’ll want to wash the lids in soapy water to make sure they’re clean, and scrub the surfaces lightly with the steel wool. This will help the paint adhere better to the surface. Dry them off well. You can either lay them flat on a couple sheets of newspaper, or do what painter pros like my husband do and attach them to a paint board (just a piece of thick scrap cardboard) with a little tape. It makes it easier to make sure they get coated evenly and you don’t run into the issue of having them get stuck to the newspaper.

Husband did three coats on the lids to make sure the paint was even and they’d have a surface that would last. If you’ve never spray painted before, it’s important to remember a couple of points – keep the nozzle equidistant from what you’re spraying at all times – don’t spray in an arc. Secondly, don’t just start spraying right on your object – start off to one side, then pass over your target slowly and evenly – and remember to follow through past the other side by a few inches too. This will ensure a smooth, even coat without runs or drips. He waited 10-15 minutes between each coat for the paint to mostly dry. It’s important to do three coats – multiple thin coats is better than one thick coat. Here’s a shot of the lids all painted up –

Once the paint has had a chance to dry for a few hours, you can attach the magnets. Just affix one magnet in the center of each lid on the backside using a little glue. Next up is the hardest part – both the paint and the glue will need 24 hours to set up before use. So set them aside overnight and resist the temptation to put them up right away. After the overnight cure, this is what they look like in their new home on our fridge –

Now I wanted to show these chalkboards with writing on them, but for some bizarre reason chalk is impossible to find in our neck of the woods. Husband tried the grocery store, dollar store, and two drugstores and couldn’t find any at all. Really odd. But rest assured, these little boards could be written on, if only we had the chalk!

A simple, useful project that reuses something that would otherwise be thrown away – that’s my kind of crafting. Oh, and if you don’t happen to have these supplies sitting around like I do, they really won’t break the bank, especially considering you’re going to get a lot more projects than just this one out of the paint and glue. A bottle of Weldbond will run you about $3.00, chalkboard spray paint is about $8.00, and a package of magnets for around $3.00. So for under fifteen bucks, you’ll have enough for this project and countless others.   

And for more information on spray-painting in general (the ultimate cheap mini makeover for anything), check out this Tips for Spraypainting sheet that I discovered via my Pinterest boards.

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