Have You Completed Your Summer Bucket List?

This is a cautionary tale.

I had a whole great list of things I wanted to do this summer. Ambitious, leave-the-house kind of things. The things that grown ups do; planned activities. But you know how summer is; it can be so lazy. Which can be good – nothing wrong with lounging on the back deck and sleeping in from time to time right? I just figured that I had the whole summer ahead of me, so I’d do all of this stuff later.

Well later, I broke my ankle. Being stuck in a cast at eight-plus-months pregnant pretty much brings all normal activities to a screaching halt. Especially all of the ones that involve leaving the house.

So, I ask you – have you done all the cool stuff you wanted to this summer? There’s still another month or so to go here, and if you’re in my part of the world (or anywhere north of my part of the world) you’re going to want to get out there and soak up the sunshine right this instant, so you have plenty on reserve for those cold, dark winter days that lay ahead.

In my playbook, these are some of the things you just have to get out there and do while the sun shines –

 – Spend a day at the beach (or a water park if you don’t live near a beach).

 – Go on a picnic at the park – a proper one, where you take a whole lunch spread, maybe grill something. And bring some neat thing to do, like bags, horsehoes, badminton – whatever easily portable physical activity you happen to enjoy.

– Spend at least one weekend camping, preferably in a tent. A hike through nature, campfire at night, s’mores – the whole nine yards. Cell phones should be turned off, and you shouldn’t have any other electronic entertainment/distractions with you at all.

– Go to a you-pick farm and harvest something – whatever you like best – strawberries, blueberries, apples, anything you want. You can locate you-pick farms near you by checking out Pick Your Own.

– Preserve some of summer’s bountiful produce for winter eating. You don’t have to be a master canner to pull this off – in addition to canning, you can also dry or freeze fruits and vegetables. Freezing berries is especially easy. If you’ve never done it before you might want to check out my post about how to do it yourself.  

– Go mini golfing. Who doesn’t love mini golf?

– Go to a pier/boardwalk/carnival/fair. Depends on where you live of course (here in Chicago we have Navy Pier), but the point is to ride a ferris wheel, eat a corn dog or funnel cake (or both!) and enjoy the scene.

– Go for a couple early morning or late evening walks. Sure, I’m a little obsessed with walking right now since I can’t really do it, but even if I wasn’t in a cast and on crutches, this would still make the list. There’s nothing like getting out during the calm part of the day and making the rounds of your neighborhood – hearing the birds, seeing the gardens in full bloom, running into neighbors and getting some excersize.

Those are the big things I think everyone should try to get out and do while the weather is nice. What’s on your summer bucket list? And how successful have you been at experiencing everything you’ve wanted to this year? 




5 thoughts on “Have You Completed Your Summer Bucket List?

  1. Our back garden is a DISASTER. The grand plan is to rip up the old paving stones, chop everything down, till it under and then start from scratch. That was supposed to be my summer plan. 😛

    I’m not sure it’s going to happen… I can rip up the paving stones, but I’d really prefer Kevin to do the heavy duty chopping and tilling!!! Unfortunately, being a farmer, now that he’s started harvest season he’s not going to have any free time until November!

    • That’s a seriously ambitious garden plan. What about a work party for chopping and tilling? One Saturday, a case or two of beer, a picnic spread and all of your friends getting their hands in the dirt? Free beer and eats can go a long way in convincing friends that helping you is a very good idea!

      • Hmm, that is a good idea… I’m not sure how many people would show up though – most of our friends go out to cabins or camping on the weekends! 😦

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