Not Quite Home Made Chocolate Icebox Pie

I’m not even going to pretend that this is home made.

But hey – this is the first thing I’ve been able to successfully make from start to finish by myself in the kitchen since I ended up in a cast. I can finally balance enough with the messed up leg while standing for short periods, and fortunately, I only needed above five minutes to whip up this pie. I never use instant pudding mixes because we use soymilk at our house and they never seem to work with it. But soymilk seems to work just fine with cooked pudding, so all I had to do was whisk some soymilk and the pudding mix together until just set, then pour it into the graham cracker shell and stick it in the fridge (which is fortunately right next to the stove). 

And though I don’t usually go in for this box and premade style of “cooking” at my house, I’m taking a little allowance since I’m eight plus months pregnant with a broken ankle. And truth be told, this was my favorite pie of all time when I was a kid. On my birthdays, I prefered it over cake. So there’s a little taste nostalgia going on too. And, I’ve really been needing some kind of pie, bad. And some pie is better than no pie in my opinion.

You have to admit – for what it is (and the fact that it hasn’t been chilled yet), it looks pretty good, doesn’t it? Now if only I had some store-bought fake whipped cream to put on top of it…