The Banishment of the Soap Bottles

I hate having plastic containers on my counter. No matter how “sleek” and “simple” the design, they look ugly and out of place. But you just can’t buy liquid soaps and cleaning supplies in anything but plastic anymore.

But that doesn’t mean we have to use them that way. I’ve had my eye on these little darlings for awhile, and finally splurged because I needed a little treat –

The soap dispenser pumps only cost me $7.00 for the pair at Lehmans, and they fit on pint mason jars that I already had on hand. They do sell pumps that come with the jars, but I certainly didn’t need the set since I have a corner cabinet full of mason jars just waiting for their day in the sun.  I love how they’re matte black – very versatile, so as my decor evolves or I decide to move one to the bathroom, they will still fit in. I’ve got hand soap in the jar on the right, with dish soap in the jar on the left. And an added bonus to having these on the counter is that we can now save a little money by buying bulk containers of soap and decanting what we need into the jar. Because the only thing worse than plastic containers on the counter is gallon-sized plastic containers on the counter!


6 thoughts on “The Banishment of the Soap Bottles

    • I know the feeling on waiting for the money fairy! I’ve been wanting to get these for years! But like I mentioned, I found mine for $7 for the pair and I think they’ll pay for themselves soon in what I can save by purchasing soap in bulk now. Plus, if you watch carefully sometimes Lehmans does free shipping or has coupon codes too.

  1. I don’t like buying plastic, either. However, the Loyola Farmers’ Market sells Loyola BioSoap in a recycled glass pump jar. It’s $8 dollars and the giant refill bottles are $6. The glass jars may be available at the LUC bookstore, too.

    • Thanks for the tip – had no idea they had a soap vendor at the market since I still haven’t been able to check it out this summer. $8.00 a bottle is likely way beyond my budget at the moment though – do you know how big the bottles are?

      • The glass bottles are 8.5 oz and the refill bottles are 32 oz. They also sell 2 oz travel sizes for $2. If you get a chance to visit the market before it ends on October 17, the soap is sold at the LUC table.

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