Garden Triage

I hobbled out to the deck this afternoon to get my hands in a little dirt. While husband was firing up the grill to make burgers for dinner, I decided it was high time to do something about our long suffering false spiria. It was in the window box planter with the two dwarf junipers, and all them were worse for wear because of it. They were just not compatible in the same growing space for some reason.

I’m a little short on planters at this point in the season, so the only thing I had available was a small milk glass planter, that was previously corralling electronic gear in the living room. I trimmed all the dead stuff off of the plant, and trimmed it’s roots back by about half. This will either kill it, or encourage it to rebound.  This is what it looks like post surgery –

If it survives and makes it through the winter, we’ll need to repot it into a planter at least twice as large in the spring, so that it’s got the best shot at survival and producing more of those gorgeous pink-purple flowers it has. Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, the dwarf junipers are also displaying some dying back, mostly in the undergrowth. The are still a decently vibrant green overall, with a bit of new growth at the tips. Now that they’re back to themselves in the planter, I hope they rebound all the way. I trimmed off as much of the brown branches as I could get at –

Now we have a big ugly empty spot. We’re thinking the sensible thing to do is just get another dwarf juniper to plop in there. We know we can grow them with reasonable success in this setup, and we don’t have to worry about whether other plants will be compatible with them. It’s nice to have a decorative shot of natural green out there anyway, especially over the winter months. And it’s super easy to dress this planter up over the holidays with some red winterberry stems and white lights, which is the plan for this year.

And in related news, the tomatoes are on the rebound too. We lost one plant out of four. The remaining three are green and growing once more. They all have a least a few flowers on them, and one even has a small green tomato! But shhh, we’re not going to talk about that anymore. I don’t want to jinx it!