Sunday Canning

The excitement builds! Husband will be helping me with another round of canning today. And I’m super excited that I actually got to go to the farmer’s market with him today. The market got relocated this week to the parking lot right in front of our house, due to an art festival happening on the street where it’s usually held. This was a windfall for me, since hobbling across the street for a half hour was actually feasible with husband’s help.

It’s the first time in over a month that I’ve left the house for something other than a doctor’s appointment. The sun was shining, there was a nice breeze, and the market was in full swing. We came home with quite a haul too – three pounds of absolutely gorgeous Hungarian Wax hot peppers from Midnight Sun, a five pound bag of red onions and a five pound bag of red, white and blue mixed potatoes from King’s Hill and a pint of Saturn peaches and four ears of sweet corn from Hardin Family Farms (I wish they had a website, but they do not – they’re from around Eau Claire, Michigan and at our market every Sunday – excellent fruit!). We also picked up some chocolate doughnuts from Bennison’s for breakfast. Toward the end of market, husband is going back to pick up our 50 pounds of tomatoes from Midnight Sun too.

So, the action plan for today – we’re going to can 14 quarts of tomatoes with no added liquid (just like our last batch, only more!) as well as use the Hungarian Wax hot peppers for six pints of pickled peppers. Is this ambitious for someone who’s due to have a baby in about three weeks and still in a cast? Why yes, yes it is. Good thing I have husband here to be my trusty helper.

Stay tuned for a post later today (much later today) where we show off our handiwork. Now, I’ve got to prod husband to get things into high gear. 🙂