Hello September!

Ah, fall is close at hand. It’s my favorite time of the year – crisp, cool days with golden sunlight. Mutli-colored leaves crunching underfoot. Warm sweaters and hot tea. Apples and pumpkins.

And this year is extra special for me. As many of you know, Baby Apartment Farmer is due to make his debut into the world this month! He’s expected around 9/16, but nature could bring him a little earlier or a little later. Can’t wait to find out and meet him!

So, I’ve got some great things I plan on doing and writing about besides being pregnant and having a baby, that I may get to before I have the little guy. But I may not get a chance to put them up, so if I’m suddenly MIA for a little while, don’t think Apartment Farm is dead! Just a bit of a maternity leave, if you will. Because to me, what’s better than Apartment Farming? Apartment Farming with a little one.

So if I don’t get a chance to get on here again for a little bit, know I’m certain to return (just can’t quit after five years!) and I hope your fall is as delightful and enchanting as mine promises to be. 🙂