2011 Preservation Tally

Alright, what’s done is done. It’s the last weekend before the baby is due, so I’ve put up everything that I’m going to be able to for this year (with the exception of the apples we’re getting in late October). So, here’s the official tally of all the fruits and veggies that got put up at Apartment Farm this year –

– 19 quarts of canned whole tomatoes with no added liquid

– 5 pints of canned pickled hot peppers

– 24 ears of frozen sweet corn

– 4 pints of frozen blueberries

– 1 gallon of frozen hot peppers

– 6 pints of frozen sweet peppers

– 1 cup frozen pesto

– 2 cups frozen apple pie filling

– 1 quart of black walnuts in dry storage

– 2 gallons of honey (purchased)


Not to shabby with the summer shaping up the way it did. We’re in for some good eating this winter. And of course, I’m already working on the to do list for next year. 🙂

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