Extra Tasty Peppercorn Mix

Yep, I’m still pregnant. Any day now, any day now…


But I still have to eat, so I thought I’d pop in over here to tell you about an awesome peppercorn mix you can make at home to add a little extra kick to your meals. It’s a shame I didn’t think of it myself.

When I was working at the office, I kept those disposable salt and pepper grinders in my desk so I didn’t have to endlessly hoard tiny paper packets to season my lunch. When I started to work from home, all of that stuff came with me, and I figured I may as well use it up, even though I don’t really rely on that kind of product at home. So we set the pepper grinder on the table to finish it off. But we noticed something really odd. This pepper was better than the awesome pepper we normally use. We didn’t think it was possible, since we buy really high quality peppercorns, which we love, from The Spice House. This pre-bottled pepper “medley” had a depth of flavor our amazing pepper did not. Where was this extra dimension coming from? “Medley” should have been our first clue – that extra little kick wasn’t coming from the peppercorns at all! Husband happened to notice a little ingredient label on the back of the bottle, and do you know what we discovered? The corporate spice behemoth puts allspice and coriander in their peppercorn medleys!

Who would’ve thought? Well probably lots of other people, but not me. It’s a pretty genius move. And incredibly simple to recreate at home with your favorite whole spices – a variety of peppercorns, some allspice berries and whole coriander, in proportions to your taste. I think we’re going to have all of our pepper grinders filled this way from now on. I just happen to have the allspice and coriander in my pantry at this very moment, so there’s no risk of the good stuff running out at our house.