Apartment Farmer: The Next Generation

It’s the first day of fall, and it feels like it. It’s barely crawled out of the upper fifties today, and the leaves on the tree outside our window are turning yellow and rustle in the breeze. I’ve had a cardigan on all week, and we’ve switched over from iced tea to hot tea with honey. Fall is my favorite season.

I’ve got a minute here to type, because my Little Guy is asleep in his crib in the next room. He was born a week ago today, at 9:59 pm, on another very fall-like day with overcast skies and drizzle off and on. He is doing remarkably well and we’re all trying our best to settle into this new life that we’ve created for ourselves. I’m exhausted, but in this crazy way that’s backed up by adrenaline and bliss.

We have mostly been doing insular things – learning how to care for each other with the feeding, diapering, playing, sleeping (and plenty lack thereof). Husband and I have been able to watch a few DVDs together of an evening after baby boy goes down for a doze, and last night we spent a little time on the back deck grilling bratwursts, sweet corn and baked potatoes. When we first got home from the hospital, husband had to do a quick freezer job on a quart of peaches that were starting to go soft, but we were able to salvage them. And I’ve got a quart of apples in the fridge I need to deal with as well – I was thinking about just cooking them into apple pie filling for the freezer at this point – maybe today, maybe tomorrow. They seem to be holding their own in the fridge. The funny thing was, right before we left for the hospital last Friday morning, I stopped to make sure all the perishable fruits and veggies were in the fridge before we left – while I was in full blown labor! Apartment Farming never stops. 🙂

This weekend will continue on very low key. If the weather is nice on Sunday, we’ll take the baby on his inaugural stroller ride down to the farmers market for the first time. Only a few good weekends of it left, and we can’t wait a whole season to show him the bounty. And now, if I have any sense at all, I’ll run along and take a nap while he is. Our wee babe was a bit of a night owl last night.


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  1. Congratulations on your little one! Enjoy the beautiful autumn weather there — it’s turning into fall in Oregon, too, but there are still plenty of tomatoes and corn that need picking and processing, so the summer work continues…

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