Fall Cleanup

Summer is a distant, distant memory. Honestly, I feel like I kind of missed it. The broken ankle that forced bed rest for a the last six weeks of my pregnancy pretty much ensured that my summer came to a grinding halt.  But fall has been nice. The leaves have been gorgeous this year and the air is delightfully cool and crisp. We’ve gotten to enjoy baked goods with hot cups of tea for breakfast again, and wear sweaters to the farmers market. But now the farmers market is done for the year and the night temperatures hover just above freezing. Even fall is starting to wind down.

A few weekends ago while the weather was especially nice – barely a breeze, bright golden light, and just cool enough enough for a long sleeved shirt while working outside – we decided we had better get the garden put to bed before the soil in all the pots froze up. So we cleared out the sweet and hot peppers. Then we cut back all of the dead growth off of the herbs, and transplanted them into the pots that the peppers had vacated, so we could bring them indoors for overwintering. We also swept and cleaned up, putting away the summer things – the citronella candles, pillows and lanterns all got put away for the year. The extra bag of potting soil was stowed in the bin. Things are looking pretty tidy out there now –

We let the tomatoes and cabbage have some more time, but we’ve got to rip those out this weekend and get the pots stored underneath the deck. I’m hoping they won’t freeze and crack – we have to leave the soil in the pots over the winter since we’ve got nowhere else to put it at the moment. Hopefully they’ll be fine if we keep them out of the weather. You’ll also notice we left the chard in to grow a bit more, but we’ll just harvest it this weekend for a meal as well since it won’t do much more this season. That will be our last bit from the garden, except for the herbs we brought inside. Both of the thyme plants and the bay tree are looking spectacular, but the rosemary is basically dead. A few days after we moved it in, the poor thing shriveled and dried right up. I’m going to look it over closely this weekend and see if there’s any hope of rehabilitating it, but it doesn’t look good. I’m a bit sad about it since this is the second rosemary we’ve lost in a year. But that’s the way it goes sometimes I suppose. At any rate, it’s nice to have things all cleaned up and ready for next season. We even hung our string of ghosts lights out for Halloween – cross your fingers that the squirrels don’t discover them and eat them like they did with the snowflake lights last winter!