Weekend Pie

This past weekend, I made not one, not two, but three pies. This is no small feat – outside of Thanksgiving, I’ve never done that many in one day. I was even more impressed with myself for staying in the kitchen that long with a little one needing attention so much of the time. But luckily with husband minding the baby, I was able to spend a little time in the kitchen making chocolate icebox, apple and shoofly pies.

The chocolate icebox was the usual – chocolate pudding in a graham cracker crust with both the pudding and crust being store bought. It’s just one of those comfort foods I like, and I’ve still been on a major chocolate kick. Maybe because I haven’t really had caffeine (except for the rare black tea I have) in ages? Or maybe just because chocolate is so good? I didn’t even take a picture, because it’s so ordinary. It really hit the spot though.

Pie number two was an apple –


I had a quart jar of Romes that didn’t seal when I was canning that was hanging out in the fridge. And what better use for apples than pie? I just cooked the plain apples down a bit with some sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. They didn’t hold their shape as well as I would’ve hoped, but the flavor was great.

The third pie was a shoofly –

I am positively addicted to these pies, as evidenced by my inability to photograph it before having a slice. I just couldn’t wait! It’s my favorite pie of all time (chocolate icebox being a close second). You’ll notice I did a few things differently from last time. First of all, I opted to bake it in my 8 inch pan. The filling didn’t rise so much that it spilled over like some internet sources warned, so I was glad for that. It’s actually a perfect fit. Though I did put the pan on a rimmed baking sheet in the oven just to be on the safe side. And it’s easier to pull a baking sheet out of a hot oven than a pie pan anyway. The other difference is I doubled up on the crumb filling – double really is the perfect amount. The crusts on both pies turned out beautifully – easy to work with and nice and flaky. The shoofly filling was a bit more substantial and cakey in texture this time because I left it in the oven a few minutes longer this time. The next time I make it, I’ll split the difference in baking time because while I like it cakey and substantial, I also want it to be a little bit gooey. As a matter of fact, maybe I’ll test out another version of this pie tonight…