Sunday Slow Down

The weather has taken a blustery turn today. It’s overcast and windy, with rainstorms moving in. A perfect day for hunkering down indoors. So we didn’t feel guilty for sitting around all day, we got our work done first thing – I cleaned the bedroom, tidied the house and did the dishes. Husband swept the floors and watered the plants. Speaking of, they’re faring pretty well in their winter home of the living room windowsill. I’ve got them decked out in some orange lights for Halloween. Pretty excited because I’ve wanted orange lights for a few years now to add to my fall decor, but I kept missing the sales on them. Friday, I found them buy one get one half off at the dollar store. Score! I also found some cute window clings on sale there – photo prints of pumpkins and leaves (that are up on the bathroom mirror) and a cartoonish cling of a stack of jack-o-lanterns with bats flying around it (thought my kiddo would like it). But I digress. All of the plants are looking great, except the rosemary. We had to do more triage pruning. If it’s not dead already, it will come back stronger. It’s still got some green on it, so I’m holding out hope. Cautiously. We also have a strawberry plant that we’re overwintering in the kitchen window.

Anyhow, once the work was done we were free for leisure.  Brunch was bacon and eggs with biscuits. I’ve been on a major biscuit kick, so I’ve been whipping up mason jar biscuits at every opportunity. This was an my best batch yet – especially light and fluffy –

And now, they’re all gone –

We hung out with the baby and I got to spend some time curled up on the couch with a cup of tea and reading and internetting. The baby and I had an hour and a half nap. It’s been a super good day. There’s more baking on the agenda though too, because we do need bread for the week. Fortunately, I find baking a relaxing task so it won’t mess up our Sunday slow down vibe. I’m going to do some herbed quick bread in mini loaves, and try out a great new recipe I found on Pinterestbacon pain d’epi. Stay tuned this week, and I’ll let you all know how it turns out!