The Dance of the Seed Catalogs

You’ll have to pardon my absence recently – after the craziness of Thanksgiving, I got sick for four days last week! Don’t worry, not food poisoning. But I was down for the count for a few days. What kept me going while I was sick though was the arrival of the first 2012 seed catalogs. Yep, it began early this year! The first one in my mailbox was the highly coveted Pinetree Garden Seeds. It’s my favorite by far – they’ve got a great mix of heirloom varieties and their prices are extremely affordable. I also like that they’re a small family-owned business. I’ve also received the Vermont Bean Seed catalog. I’m not really sure how I got on their mailing list, but I don’t mind. You can never have too many seed catalogs to browse through during the cold winter months.

Problem is, I don’t really need to buy any seed for 2012… I have a huge stockpile of great varieties already. And I plan to buy my tomatoes and hot peppers as starts from Midnight Sun in the spring. I just never get them started and going strong early enough. I still have to perfect my grow light set up one of these days so I can make it work. But until then, I’ve got good farmers who can get them set for me. Good thing to, since what’s a garden with tomatoes and hot peppers?

But even though I don’t plan on buying seed, I probably will end up getting a packet or two… I just can’t resist. I do have it in mind to try some dry beans this year – both Jacob’s Cattle and Vermont Cranberry are supposed to be excellent in soups and baked beans, and Jacob’s Cattle is a bush variety, with Vermont Cranberry being semi-bush. So I could likely get a plant or two going well in a large container. But I’ve got a lot of good seed for things I haven’t gotten to grow yet, including Lacinato kale and Envy soybeans (I just love edamame). I think this winter I need to draw up a proper seed starting and rotation schedule.

But the hardest part, aside from deciding what to grow and how to make the room to grow it? There are more catalogs still to come! I’m looking forward to getting Baker Creek and Seed Savers Exchange especially. I better set myself a $5.00 limit now…