Planning the January Garden

Yes, you read that right. Since I’ve been getting the 2012 seed catalogs already, I’ve decided I need to clear out some of my supply of seeds. And what better way to do that than grow it? The let down of Christmas in January is always hard for me – winter just becomes cold and yucky. And I start dreaming of salad greens. So I figure I really ought to grow my own.

The gear –

I’m going to use my Sow & Grow windowsill greenhouse that I got a few years ago from Veseys (that’s a stock photo from their website, by the way – I’ve got to dig mine out and clean them up before I plant).  Since I’m going to be growing some greens, I’ll just direct seed into the flat without the black seed cell inserts.

I’ve got tons of lettuce seeds, including Tom Thumb, Lolla Rossa, and I believe, some Little Gem. So I’ll do a flat of those. In my second flat, I’m going to try to do some Evergreen Bunching Scallions – I have both the green and red varieties. I just love scallions, and it’s one of the easiest ways to add fresh, green goodness to just about anything.

I’ve also been spying out new grow light set ups.  I tried some battery operated lights I found on clearance at Target last spring, but those didn’t quite work out. The adhesive to stick them up under the cabinets wasn’t strong enough to hold them in place and they burned through batteries much quicker than I thought they would. So those are out. I’ve done a little research, and it seems like T8 fluorescents are the way to go, and are the lights that are generally used in those fancy seed starting shelves and setups that a lot of the catalogs sell. Unfortunately, I can’t shell out several hundred bucks on one of those things. Also, they’re ugly and take up space I just don’t have to spare. I just want something simple, that can be mounted underneath a cabinet easily. I think I found some that will work on Amazon –

The particular light is from a company called Good Earth Lighting and runs about $15.00. Now that’s in my price range. I may be extravagant and spring for two. And they don’t look totally awful. We already own several plug in timers, so I’d simply plug it to one and I wouldn’t even have to worry about turning it on and off.

Now if only I had a way to remember to water them everyday – but hopefully with everything sitting on the kitchen counter that won’t be a major concern. At any rate, I’m looking forward to getting something growing again. And making way for new goodies to arrive as well. 🙂