New Year, New Plans

Hey All, I hope you had a great holiday season! We had a wonderful first Christmas with Baby Apartment Farmer and a nice low-key New Year’s Eve at home. In years past, January has been a real let down for me. The sparkle and glitz of Christmas are gone. Boring winter sets in. But this year, I was actually all set on go to get the tree down, the decorations put away and the house in order. I enjoyed them while they were up, but everything was put away by New Year’s Day. I wanted to start the year out fresh and clean!

And as a compulsive list maker, this is my very favorite time of year. Planning requires lists, after all! I have to admit, I’ve done something psychotic… I’ve joined a 52 Project Challenge on the one of the forums I frequent. It’s basically like a crafter’s support group – the goal is to complete one project each week of the year. Here’s what I’ve got planned –

House slippers January Me
Circle scarf January Me
Travel tissue case January Me
Scrapbook paper seed envelopes January Me
Valentine’s Day postcards February Holiday
Embroidered stationary birthday cards February Holiday
4th of July flag bunting June Me
4th of July pinwheels June Me
Halloween costume for the baby September Holiday
Spiderweb skirt for Halloween September Holiday
Snapfish photo calendar November Christmas gift
Snapfish Christmas cards November Christmas gift
Fanny pack/belt bag TBD Me
Dinosaur hat TBD Christmas gift
Magnetic paper dolls TBD Christmas gift
Lion stuffed animal TBD Christmas gift
Gorilla stuffed animal TBD Christmas gift
Kitchen knife roll TBD Me
Jelly jar shelf TBD Me
Patchwork table runner TBD Me
Apron TBD Me
A-line skirt TBD Me
Coming home from the hospital outfit shadow box TBD Me
Wedding/honeymoon scrapbook TBD Me
CD wallet scrapbook TBD Christmas gift
Tote bag TBD Me
Cold frame for the window box planter TBD Me
Portable spice rack TBD Me
Pour spout mason jars TBD Me
Gold glittered deer TBD Holiday
Travel cosmetics case TBD Me
Tile coasters TBD Me
Pattern piece lampshade for sewing desk TBD Me
Embroidery hoop pocket organizer TBD Me
Scrapbook paper pattern envelopes TBD Me
Diamond quilt – cut blocks TBD Me
Diamond quilt – piece horizontal TBD Me
Diamond quilt – piece vertical TBD Me
Diamond quilt – assemble quilt TBD Me
Diamond quilt – quilt/topstich TBD Me
Laminated kitchen helper magnets TBD Me
Change purse TBD Me
Crocheted ice skate ornaments TBD Christmas gift
Glittered paper leaf wreath TBD Me
Cookie cutter Christmas wreath TBD Me
Shutterfly photo story book TBD Christmas gift
Christmas gift for nieces – TBD TBD Christmas gift
Christmas gift for son – TBD TBD Christmas gift
Christmas gift for husband – TBD TBD Christmas gift
Christmas gift for husband – TBD TBD Christmas gift
Stocking stuffers for son – TBD TBD Christmas gift
Stocking stuffers for husband – TBD TBD Christmas gift

It’s quite a list, right? And I’ve actually gotten one done already – I made two of the pour spout mason jars. It literally took two minutes to put together. I’m using one for my bulk instant yeast and one for cinnamon sugar, and I love how convenient they are.

And as if that list weren’t enough to keep me busy, I do have a couple more goals for this year in the foodcrafting department –

Put up 52 quarts of tomatoes
Make pancetta
Make fermented hot sauce
Make fried garlic
Grow vegetables year round
Make chili powder from dried and ground hot peppers

That list is destined to get longer as I hop around on Pinterest and come across new things to make and try. And of course, I’ll be sure to post about all of the good stuff I accomplish. What are your goals for the coming year?

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Plans

  1. Wow. That is an impressive list! If you even do a fraction of those projects you will have had a successful 2012. I, too, am an inveterate list maker who loves January… My list includes starting a Windowfarm, growing mushrooms indoors, felting something, and fermenting a lot of things. Happy New Year!

    • Thanks; it’s ambitious but I hope to check off a lot this year! Your list has some pretty excellent tasks on it – growing mushrooms indoors, especially. I hope you post about it so I can see how it goes; might have to add that one to my list too.

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