Spring Stockpiling

Seeds are germinating, so it’s the time of year when I start getting really anxious about pots. I never seem to have enough. If you recall, last season I was really excited to acquire six 14-inch planters (we only used four) at the dollar store for $7.00 a piece. We definitely plan to use all six of them this season, and then some. I’ve been watching the dollar store for a few weeks now for this season’s gardening supplies, and today I finally hit gold. I popped in to check out the situation on my way to the grocer for the week’s meat and veg and lo and behold – two aisles of garden supplies. After grocery shopping, I returned to purchase what I’m estimating we’ll need for this season. I know from experience that the dollar store is going to sell out of the planters fast – they went like hotcakes last year.

I thought about getting two more of the largest planters so we’d have a total of eight, but the real estate on the common patio is getting kind of tight. There’s a communal table and chairs (that no one uses ever, so it’s kind of annoying that it’s taking up space) out there, and I know a couple more grills in addition to ours are going to make an appearance as the weather gets warmer. And that’s okay, it is a shared space. So instead of the largest planters, I decided to expand our growing space with a collection of smaller pots, that can be easily moved around and tucked into small spots.

I purchased four 12-inch pots at $5.00 each, four 10-inch pots at $2.00 each and two 6-inch pots for $1.00 each. I also picked up two 3-packs of plastic drainage pans for the smaller pots at $1.00 each. I figure the 10- and 6-inch pots will be good for the assortment of herbs we’re growing this year, and will be much easier to bring indoors in the fall for overwintering. So for $32.00 I think I got a pretty good deal. We also acquired a blue glazed pot (I think it’s around 12 inches) last fall when we received some planted mums as a gift.

So the total inventory of plant pots currently is –

6 14-inch pots

4 12-inch pots (new)

4 12-inch hanging baskets

4 10-inch pots (new)

2 6-inch pots (new)

1 12-inch glazed pot (new)

1 10-inch (I think) glazed pot (permanent home for the hops)

1 8-inch glazed pot

1 6-inch glazed pot (permanent home for the bamboo)

2 square glazed pots (permanent homes for the bay tree and oregano)

1 strawberry pot

1 window box

1 freestanding window box shelf with Earthbox “insert” (permanent home for the dwarf junipers)


Think it will be enough? Likely not, but at least we’re closer! And it’s a good thing, because we have dichondra, jalapeno and cayenne peppers sprouted, as well as some herbs. Which herbs, we don’t know yet. The mini greenhouse had a little accident on the patio on a windy day recently, so things got a bit mixed up. I think basil and thyme, but we’ll find out for sure once the seedlings get a little bigger and put out more true leaves. And this weekend we’re going to do some more planting – more peppers (the germination rate wasn’t too great – I got the seeds in trade, so you can never be sure of the quality), peas, chard, more herbs – lots of other stuff. My planting list and schedule have gone out the window… but that’s okay. My husband is really involved this year so I’m excited about that. So if he says he wants to plant something, we just do it. So we may need to go buy more pots yet!