All The Pretty Things… AKA New Canning Equipment!

Call it luck. Call it a splurge. Call it an early Mother’s Day gift. Call it what ever you will – I’ve got a new little present on the way to my doorstep!

It might look like an ordinary canning rack, but don’t be fooled. It’s a mini canning rack – which is absolutely perfect for small batch preserving. It holds either four pint or two quart jars and fits into a standard stock pot. So it’ll be perfect for a small batch of jam, or a few quarts of pickles or what have you. I’m pretty excited about this little beauty – I could feasibly whip up a quick, small batch of something on a weeknight after work! Or have it going at the same time as the larger canner to expand how many jars I can process in one go. I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can try it out – my first preserves might be red wine jelly or beer mustard from this year’s Can Plan.

And I haven’t purchased this yet, and it’s not strictly for canning, but I came across it the other day while browsing the interwebs for canning supplies and I just fell in love with it –

It’s a flower frog that screws onto any standard mason jar. How beautiful would that look in the dining table, full of wispy spring flowers? Next time I need a little pick me up, I’m going to snap up one of these. With my mason jar pencil cups, soap dispensers, and chalkboard storage jars, this flower vase would be right at home.

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