DIY Beer Mustard – The Mini Canning Rack in Action

I’m so excited – my mini canning rack arrived last week! I was so excited to give it a try, and what better thing to make in early spring than beer mustard? We’re just starting to grill out a bit this season, and home made mustard will be the perfect accompaniment to burgers and bratwursts and all of the other tasty things we’re going to be grilling this season.

Since I’ve never used this recipe, I just did a small half batch over the weekend – two 4-ounce jars. That will be enough to get us started, and we can see how we like the recipe, which is made from brown mustard seeds, beer, malt vinegar, dry mustard, light brown sugar and onion powder. Sounds tasty, and this recipe looks so simple that I’ve got high hopes for a good end result.

The first step is to bring the mustard seeds and beer to a boil, then let them sit off heat for about two hours until the seeds have absorbed most of the beer. Then puree the mustard seeds  –

Then add the remaining ingredients and cook it down until it’s reduced by about a third –

And then into my amazing little canning rack in my standard soup pot, where it needs to be processed for ten minutes –

And here’s my finished mustard – shelf stable until opened, and ready to go for grilling season!

How easy was that? With my mini canning rack, I can do all sorts of small batch preserving in the little snippets of time that I can cobble together every now and again. Proving there’s always time for a little preserving, if you’ve got the right tools and good recipes.