Spring Cleaning!

Don’t worry, you’re not lost. Just tidying up a bit here at Apartment Farm. The sidebar was looking a little cluttered, right? You can now find certain groups of information on their very own pages, so you can browse what you’d like to see a little bit easier.

Under Good Reads, you’ll find all the categories of blogs I like to read and want to share with you, my favorite podcasts to listen to, and the forums I like to visit, as well as the “useful information” links I like to share.

Under Get Local you’ll find all the great local farmers and purveyors that we have here in the Chicagoland area, as well as national “find your local whatever” links, such as Local Harvest, Pick Your Own, etc.

Hope this changes make your Apartment Farm browsing even better – if you have feedback about any of these changes, I’d love to hear it. Happy reading!