DIY Nursery Trellis

It all goes back to those ten days in March when we had eighty degree temperatures. The gardening season has really gotten off to a rough start. Our hops plant took off during those ten days – which is unfortunate, because we’ve been averaging temperatures that are barely registering half since then – usually forties, maybe low fifties. Cold.

So with a thriving hops plant with lots of tender leaves and young shoots, we’ve had to keep it indoors. Now that the vines are close to three feet long, they desperately needed somewhere to go. So husband devised a quick, easy and inexpensive copy of the nursery trellises that come with vining plants at greenhouses.

Pretty simple and effective. It’s not a long-term trellis for a plant like this, that can easily clear twelve feet in a season, but it’s a great temporary fix while the plant has to live indoors.

Making one yourself is super easy – all you need are three narrow bamboo poles (ours are about three feet long each) and four plastic zip ties. That’s it! Cut one of your poles in half – small hack saw, heavy duty snips – what ever works. Stick the two long poles into your pot and affix the two shorter poles to your frame with zip ties. It’s helpful to have another pair of hands to hold the short poles in place while you put the zip ties on. Snip off the excess length from the zip tie. And then you’re all done!

We happened to have both the poles and the zip ties on hand from other projects, so our trellis didn’t cost us anything to make. But a package of zip ties shouldn’t cost more than a few bucks – I’ve seen them at the dollar store too. And they’ve got tons of uses around the house and homestead. Same thing for the bamboo poles/garden stakes – a couple of dollars at the most. So for under five bucks you can build a great trellis for your plants. I bet this setup would be great for smaller varieties of bush beans and peas too – the ones that just need a little bit of support, but not a big cage or heavy duty trellis. Happy building!