Curve Balls

Well, in case you’ve been wondering where I am, I’m here. Life has been crazy recently. My boss at the day job has been on a two week vacation (must be nice), Little Man has finally cut his first tooth (which I’m excited about, but I also feel bad for him since it’s obviously painful), and to put the icing on the cake – I’M SICK. I’m not talking allergies or a little cold, I’m talking down and out sick. Terribly sore throat, whole body aches, raging fever, chills – the whole nine yards. It started Thursday afternoon and by Friday morning I was more or less delirious with fever and barely able to get out of bed.

I’m hoping the worst has past. I still feel completely terrible, but now I can sit upright for more than twenty minutes at a stretch and even swallow food (somewhat – and it hurts like hell). Little Man has been sounding a little hoarse, so I’m seriously hoping I didn’t pass it along to him.  He’s got enough drama with the teething.

So, there was a whole bunch of stuff that I wanted to do (and thus post about) this weekend, but at this point I’m just hoping to be able to feel okay enough to walk to the farmer’s market down the block tomorrow to pick up some fresh veg and our seedling order. And that’s pretty much it, since the most important thing is to be well enough to go back into the office on Monday and make some monies. As they say, money makes the world go around. Though I’d like to meet the guy whole invented capitalism and clock him in the face… but that’s another story for another time.

Before I digress too much into working-for-the-man bitterness, I’ll give you a little preview of what’s in store here at Apartment Farm.

– We lost another battle with the squirrels (hint – we had sunflowers for 29 hours). But we think we’ve found a way to win the war.

– We bought home brewing equipment at long last. We will make beer!

– We stocked up on wood chips for the grill, so we’re going to be doing some good eating.

– I made a taggie blanket for Little Man. If you don’t know what that is, feel free to disregard. If you do know what that is, I can show you how to make one in five minutes!

– The deck veggies are coming along nicely. It’s high time for an update.

So see, Apartment Farming continues. Or it will, after I’m over these sickies. I’ll be back!

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  1. Tell us your secret with squirrels! I like squirrels and I bribe them with peanuts, but they still ate 1/3 of my rosebuds this year…cayenne pepper saved the rest, but then the blooms came out funny…

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